Why this happens to me only- No sound

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guys frist of all i am very very happy as i baught spanking new Computer.
I baught AMD 64 3200+ with MSI RS482M2 mother board.
i also baught 1 gb ram and 160 gb hdd.

Now the problem sound from right channel is not comming.

Its not the software problem as i reinstalled windows 2 times.
I tried with diffrent speakers of my freind and with headphone to.

No sound is comming through right speaker!

What the hell is this i cant enjoy please please help me digitians


open volume control and chk as in picture


Hope this will solve.....


sid_ashok said:
yaar i already said that its all right everyware on the computer i mean operating system

Then chk out the pin's back of ur cpu..may be some wire found to be get out chk it..


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could be your soundcard is busted (even onboard). There might be a problem with the "sound out" point, maybe rusted. Try a different soundcard..


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how many channels supported by your sound card? and what type of speaker system you tried to connect is it a 2 /2.1 speaker system?

If your sound card is having multiple channels (5.1 or more) and you only have stereo speakers, make sure you have connected it to the default (refer the manual and check which is the jack to connect if you only have stereo speakers) jack.


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sound card is having multiple channels (5.1 ) and i tried 2 speakers.
I connect to the normal green jack.

Yaar dont say that i have to bur a new sound card as it has been only 4 days scince i baught this motherboard.



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@ashok try changing the speaker configuration to 5.1 and most importantly install latest audio drivers for the sound card. My guess is its just a driver problem. also try connecing the speakers to front audio jack.
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