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Why are the prices of processors and mobo's increasing


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:shock:Just was wandering over the various e commercial sites today and to my surprise, except the ram modules everything including proccy's and mobo's are priced 1-1.5 k on the peak more than the normal( i72600k is 18.8k:shock:)..is this has to do something with falling of the INR ?:|


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Taiwan floods?

Btw, this is not a news, so needs to move in chit-chat section.

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Yes, you have guess it right.
Barring the past 2-3 months, you have seen that prices of every computer peripherals tend to decrease all the time.
Wait for at least 3-4 months more & then see what happens. :unsure:


Broken In
I was just going to assemble my pc by the end of durga puja, the vendor asked me to wait for some days as prices had suddenly increased and till now it shows no sign of fall in price.

Any one any idea? When are the prices going to fall?
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