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Who's the oldest member (by age) here?

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hey!I am not that old! :evil: did u know that user "anandk"(m$ vista faim) is around 45 yrs old? :twisted: and Nucleuscore(sorry doc :p) is around 31-32 :twisted:
now where am I ;)
ur 28 right?:p

EDIT: please change title of this thread to "What is praka's age?" for it to be more appropriate. :D
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I know someone in the forum who's even older than that, but I won't say who because he may not like it. He's an expert in electronics and quite savvy with computers.


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Kids, kids. Behave yourself. I'm 56 and tired of these useless posts. Although, I'm pretty sure Uncle Aniruddh is older than me :)


Right off the assembly line
^^ ..K.. You registered just to say that? :p
Nah. I made another post about my state's taxation department several days ago, but it was also in Chit chat, so it doesn't count. If you'd read that post, you'd have seen that I've been lurking for a long time without registering. Pity no one replied to that post. It's a serious matter that could affect a lot of members here.

I did make some posts under another username a couple of years ago, but I was absent from the forum for some time and it seems to have been deleted.
I am 16 and will turn 17 on May the 31st(thats exactly a week away :D)
I am going to celebrate my last birthday as a minor.
Minors can have lots of fun, but I have out grown most of them.
There are better things to look forward to when I turn 18 :D
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