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Which USB pen drive to buy?

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Hi friends,
I m planning to buy a 1GB Pen Drive, but I m really confused about which brand to go for?

I have so far thought about

Umax: 1yr warranty(i have heard the quality is good)
Transcend:1yr warranty(i ve heard quality is good but 70% stuff is fake)
kingston data traveller:5 yr warranty.(no idea about quality)

please guide me , which one to go for.
My budget is max. Rs.3500.

I want a pen drive that can survive tough conditions coz its gonna be used very frequently and quite roughly.
I want it to be durable atleast 3-4 yrs.

please suggest me which is the best buy.

waiting for your response....


I got Transcend JetFlash 1 GB USB 2.0 model @ Rs 4K some 6 months ago. Service is good as I actually connected it to faulty USB port and it busted, but got it replaced in just 2 days.


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How about Kingston Data traveller.I m being Impressed by its 5yr. warranty, but donno about its quality.
I wanna choose between Umax and Kingston.
Please help....


I'd vote for kingston....

Just because i have been using (my friend got one) one since an year and no probs....

either way i trust kingston...


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ok , then I will go for Kingston.
But My vendor is telling me the price as much as 4k.
Is this cost fair?
I mean am i getting a fair deal?
Also tell me , if the Kingston market is also flooded with fake stuff , just like Transcend?
what about their service quality?


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i duno about pen drives but i think 2 warranty is must for any electronic item.
In that case, Kingston would me be my choice.


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But My vendor is telling me the price as much as 4k.
Is this cost fair

Friend i feel this is quite fair. I am in singapore right now. The local 'shinko-pinko' brands themselves cost like S$ 150 (= 3900 - 4000Rs).
Their warranty sucks.

By the way does the Kingston brand cost the same in bangalore?



as far as quality concern it is quite good. data transfer speed also very good.

and as i remember there is 1yr. warranty


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this is sude again..
i m interested to buy a usb storage device which could replace my floppy disks.
would u plz help me to decide which one to buy...

my specifications are:::
128mb capacity
sturdy body

i have opted for odyssey
info on any other brand is also welcome...



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please search before u post.
Many threads are already running on same topic including mine named " which pen drive to buy?"
BTW , I m buying Kingston 1GB.
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