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Which touchscreen phone to buy under Rs 10k in next 3 months ?

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:-o:razz:okk soo dont be in a hurry...as i said previously wait for 2 months...then decide in the 3rd month...


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You have only one choice: Asus P320

If you are looking for good music and ok touchscreen then u should consider this as an option :|. The device is laggy and the amount of ram is less. I sold the phone in 17 days :evil:


^^ True. Asus P320 is laggy. But there is no other touchscreen smartphone available less than 10k. Only other phone is the HTC P3400. But its even worse than the P320


I think i will settlw with LG Cookie or samsung star ,it is better than a dull looking wimo interface ( no offense to other wimo users )


Winmo is not bad . Atleast when you couple with a 35k hardware it becomes almost usable.

Btw , there are similar threads running in te. People are giving good reviews about samsung . Seems like battery life is quite good.


just saw the samsung star a few days ago ... fren got one for 8.5k ... great price ... love the widgets .... wish s60 had something like that ...


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yup me too very impressed by samsungs initiatives...its getting better and better...

S60 should be renovated....its sort of similar for quit a time...at least its icons


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Samsung star. Better battery , better music ,slightly better camera , better looks , better music quality , slightly faster edge . But most important and big enough reason , its not lg .

Cookie has better interface though.

Stop Stereotyping. At the high-end, LG touch screens outclass Samsung. LG , Samsung are two almost identical twin Korean companies, which identical product lineup, but LG usually, aims at the masses and Samsung at classy and style obsessed.
But the LG cookie is better than Star (Check out the reviews online). Cookie's got better interface, better battery, good sound, and better touch sensitivity.
If you like, go for HTC P3400i, come to XDA Forum, use one of my ROMS and you will be more than happy with the device.

1. Music quality, at least in headphones, with AudioBooster on is quiet good. Trebles are a bit less clear but bass is quiet tub-thumping :) My personal opinion though.

2. Camera, average: takes nice pics in daylight, pathetic at night, though night mode works sometimes.

3. Video : 240x320 xvid or divx coded movies works fine using TCPMP. But nothing to boast about as the processor is a bit slow.

4. File Management, Album Art Searching etc etc : No worries, Slide2Play or Audio Manager will definitely catch your fancy, i am sure.

5. Battery Performance : Average to Good, on Windows Mobile 6.1 ROMs you will get around 2.5 days, on 6.5 ROMs you'll get 3 days or more. I am assuming 1.5-2 hours of calling and 1 hour of music listening and touch screen fondling in it :D

All in all, P3400i is a great phone if you are ready to give up the traditional way of using phones and accept that its not a phone, its a PDA. Windows Mobile Standard devices like the HTC Vox will give you more of a traditional phone like experience.

Plus, with the default OS that comes with the device, you wont be able to do much. It is pathetically under optimized to work on its hardware and thats why people get a bad impression from it.

Flashing a custom made ROM like mine will void your warranty although in 99% cases that i have seen, HTC service center guys are aware of these things and they don't even ask a single question to get the device serviced if something goes wrong with it.

You will have to study some information first in order to perform an upgrade, i have written a step by step guide for that on XDA Forums, so that wont be tough.

If you make decision to buy an P3400i, you are welcome on the Gene section of XDA to make it better, thats all i can say :)


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looks impressive thing to do .. and can you post a few screenshots from the new ROM
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@Krazzy about tecnology....I would love to do all this as soon as i get my hands on any windows mobile:razz:
Well, Thanks guys, you are always welcome. the pics are in the Gene>Gene Upgrading etc.... Section in the thread of each ROM so you can go there and see. You dont even need to register for that. My username is same there also. :)
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