[Query] Which SMPS brand has the best reliability and warranty service?


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I'm looking to buy a PSU (550 to 650 watts preferably). Which brand has the best after sales service and reliability? I'm not living in a metro.


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Don't go with the brand because all brands use different OEMs for different PSUs. Look for the OEM (companies which make PSU for brands) of the PSU you are selecting.

Check the PSU tier list:
PSU tier list 2.0 - Power Supplies - Components

List your budget to narrow down your choices.

From my experience you will get good service from Corsair. Though you may have to reach out to Corsair Global in case you are shortchanged by Corsair India.


If you are not from any of metros, I strongly suggest you to check service centers of ANY brand you are hoping to buy.

As said above, Corsair have a decent service support through KAIZEN RMA. Their service is nice. But that too depends upon place and peoples working there... I've heard about some guy facing rude behaviour on Corsair service.

And for Antec, I suggest to check the service centers before buying the product. Some give service if you purchase from their shop ONLY. They will not give to those who purchased from online.


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Corsair , Seasonic & Antec have good RMA experiences AFAIK.

Corsair RM650 , Seasonic M12II 620 Evo Edition , Antec TP 650 are some best PSU's around. Go with either of them if you want stable and very best Power Supply's.


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Actually, I'm unable to decide between i3 4130 and i5 4440 and need PSU accordingly. Can you guys suggest two PSUs for each of these processors listed on the PSU tier list 2.0 - Power Supplies - Components and available in India with good warranty and easily replaceable and that supports Haswell 4th gen CPUs?

I would not use any graphics card. What I'll use is 8 GB RAM, 1 SSD, 2 HDDs, 1 DVD Burner, Cooler (if I choose i5).


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I've been using SeaSonic S12II 620 since April-2011 and with various gpu and heavy overclocking too and it hasn't given any trouble yet. My 2nd choice would be Corsair.


Hello.. i am from ghy assam.. have corsair smps runnin at my home n also few at my work place.. i hav chosen corsair as the service i.e. kaizen is nearby i.e. zoo-road to be specific. The guy their is very friendly and helpful. Got 2 smps rmed without any hassle from him.. though it took almost a month to get the new one as he told all psu here comes from taiwan mostly... maybe there are few others aswell and antec and seasonic as far as i know is rmed by rashi here in ghy not sure though..!! I would stick with corsair jst for the service reasons in assam..
Btw i too visit sibsagar twice-thrice every month say for 10-12 days everymonth..


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Thanks Avanil. I think 1 month is too long as a waiting period. I dont have a secondary system. What would I do in the meanwhile? I think even two weeks are more than enough.
How much is the waiting period in other cities?


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How about Seasonic X-650 (X series)? I know it is expensive, but is it more durable than other series namely S12 etc? Off lstely, I have been hearing a lot of issues about S12II and S12G. Any suggestion?
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How about Seasonic X-650 (X series)? I know it is expensive, but is it more durable than other series names S12 etc?

Won't say it's more 'durable'. It will break if you drop it from a height. Long lasting than S12 yes. Comparison chart:

Off lstely, I have been hearing a lot of issues about S12II and S12G. Any suggestion?

What issues? Source?
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