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Which Programming Language i should use?

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Hi Guys,
i am B.E.(IT) student...
My project is "Network Information Scanner" ..
This software should provide inforamation of all connected computers of the network..(ip,os,h/w information). i didn't start coding yet..
I want to your help about
"Which Programming Language i should use?"
"whether i is possible throug Java?"
"By using which language it will be easy?"

please help....
I dunno about java, maybe java and.net both have high level classes to find this info but your best bet will be C++ (any windows based compiler, for ex VC++) coz you can work at the lowest level possible in it.


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there are more than one way in which you could implement your project.
your time seems to be running out.
you have very little time to learn new things and them implement the project.
it would be nice if you could tell what programming languages are you comfortable with so that the members here can help you better.
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