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Which one from these Micro Sd card to buy ??

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saurabh kakkar

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I m planning to buy to 2 Gb Micro Sd card from Indiaplaza

but there are 2 Sandisk 2 Gb Micro Sd card one for Rs. 329 /-


and other Sandisk 2 Gb Micro Sd card for Rs 487/-


Kingston 2 Gb Micro Sd card is for Rs 389/-


Which one is original [:D]?? Which one should i go for ??


Check out the packaging with one that you know is original. Also legal imports will be in sealed plastic packaging, with label about importer and where it is imported from, addresses, etc. Also, there should be a cash-memo and warranty. I just bought Sandisk 1 GB. It has 5 year warranty. Don't know about kingston.

Can't say anything just from the above prices.

If I were you, I'd buy from a known shop, and only after I check out the above things.


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Buy it frm a local shop. Thats way better. Micro SD cards r available in evry mobile shop so y buy online and risk ur money


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Get any dude. Kingston & Sandisk, both are good.

And as suggested by Utsav, get from a local shop. If anything goes kaput, you can contact them easily.
Other brands also have warranty?!?!?!?!
Yeah, they also have.
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What the heck!!! :eek:

I got a sealed 1 GB Sandisk (legal import with bill & warranty) for Rs. 325 just couple months ago (no adapter included), from Subiksha! Have prices come down so much?? :-?
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