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Which mp3 player should I buy

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I want to buy a flash memory based MP3 player. The capacity should be more than 128 MB, have FM radio...voice recording capability, LCD, etc with a price of around 5000. One of the eligibles is Ennyah DS 601 having all the above at 4200. Please help me!


U better look at the chinese mp3 players in the market as no branded one is available for Rs 4200 with more then 256 MB memory

if possible streatch your budget & get a 512 MB one with AAC or WMA capability


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Has anyone here tried out those cheap Chinese products ? Do they have any shortcomings in performance and/or reliability ?


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try baazee...
best place to buy right now for MP3 players since the big brands have not launched their range of prods officially


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hey i saw a chinese cd mp3 player that guy had got it frm darjaling. it was using a mp3 cd it used to spin the cd extract some 80 seconds of the somg store it then stop spinning the cd and play the song now how cool is that.


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nuhting unusual abt tht...all cd players use tht tech...essentially to save the battery...after reading the song for a while it kinda stores the remaining song somehow and the doesnt read the cd anymore ...if u dont skip the songs often, the battery lasts really well...


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im not sure abt prices...but a creative mp3 player should b a good choice....personally, i would recommend an ipod if u did not have a budget constraint.....and u can get 1 with expandable memory so that u can always add memory cards and store more songs...


Right off the assembly line
You can buy the Panasonic SV-AS 10, a 2megapixel camera with mp3 playback. It supports SD Memory Card. It costs around 10k in the grey market and if u want bill it will cost 2-3 thousand more.


SV-AS 10 is not 2 MP. Its just 0.35MP and max supported resolution is 640x480 and its now officially discontinued by Panasonic.
But it does support MPEG4 recording,AAC, MPEG 2 Audio, G.726, MP3 support.


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hello ppl
as for bazee.com <--- this place is shite !!
if u want something go buy it directly from the market :)
and as for MP3 players buy branded :)
as the rule applies "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"
enjoy :)
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