Which Mobile to buy?

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I want to buy a mobile handset.I want reviews bt sub Rs.7000 models.Can anybody suggest me the best mob in this category?


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You need to tell us what you are looking for in the phone and how much you're going to use it. various factors will come in to play such as accessories, colour, networks, on-board memory, battery life and the like.


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I suggest u 2 buy NOKIA phones.The current models like - 2300 , 3100 , 3530 or 7210 are coloured screen phones and loaded with latest technology.Offers u 2 access WAP , music , InfraRed etc.And all under ur budget..!


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I think
"samsung c100" is good choice sice it is slim & colur screen of 65k.
also one frm Lg
i had see lg mobile(i dont get which was the model) but it range from 5000 -6000
abut -ve point is that it has small screen
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