Which mobile phone are you using currently ?

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Just was wondering which mobile phones forums members are using currently. Now a days I do have two phones Nokia6300 and N96. But out of both I found 6300 reliable and fast phone comparative to N96..so which is your at the moment ?


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6300 is a total bullshit phone and I used that phone and when I lost it, I was very happy that I lost it.

N96 in my opinion is 1/0 times superior phone over 6300. Compare 6300 with phones like W580i or 6233 and you will know how bad it is. Except for the display, there is no other quality component in the phone.

And it was the opinion of many that bought this model. Enjoyment lasts for a week max. After that it's just a nightmare. charge everyday, crappy call quality, pathetic loud speaker, average audio quality.


LG B2000 ;)



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1.Nokia 6085
2. Motorola c200
3.Motorola c300
4.Samsung Boss (RIM CDMA)
5.Benq-seimens A38

All this models i using currently....


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Virgin vKewl..I love it..

Mobile Surfing free of charge including downloading..And the handset is good too..

imate PDAL don't use it much though nowadays

Samsung D900i, Multimedia Chip damaged due to moisture but works perfectly as a phone and FM still works and sound extraordinarily well..

That is all that I currently use..

Though this is just a tip of iceberg..
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sony ericsson k550i(7 months old) and nokia n72(slightly damaged due to throwing :p, the most sluggish and worthless set by nokia)


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Nokia 5700 XpressMusic (my own), Nokia 6210 Navigator, HTC Touch 3G, Samsung F270 Beat and Samsung M3510 Beat (review samples). :)


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bigron said:
Blackberry bold , i phone and e 71. i particularly dont like the e71.Thinking of changinfg it.
E71 and BB Bold
I think the E71 does look a tad better..

Nokia 5800XM from tomorrow:

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