Which is the best video codec out there?

The Best Codec According to me is:

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I am a complete newbie with codecs. I am using iMovie and need to render some video I am using with students. The quality of what I see in iMovie goes down the tubes when I render. Does anyone on the forum use iMovie and which codec/procedure will give me the best results. I shot in regular digital video, not HD. Is that the problem?


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Thanks karanTh85,
So, in terms of procedure, I am not sure how to do what you suggest. Do I download the codecs Xdiv and Divx? Assuming that is doable, I will need to understand how to work with them. Is there an online tutorial for this process. I hate to ask questions that are probably routine for folks that do this stuff all the time. I am mostly a coach and teacher and am trying to learn how to do this stuff in the cracks. Thanks for any help you can render.


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@gregbot: use SUPER or Virtual dub......they r free & also tutorial is also on google....
though there r tons of software available but only few r good in handling videos

u can try above two....


If you are using iMovie, use H264. Also, make sure you transfer your video at the highest settings available.

While rendering, use a comparable resolution and a high bit-rate which ensures good quality at that resolution.
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