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Which is the BEST LINUX DISTRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is the best LINUX DISTRO!

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Cyborg Agent
For a full installation+ tweaks+customisation I took 3days of 18hrs each (i have not emerged gnome yet). If you are trying gentoo try SE gentoo its the future.


In the zone
what about us pradeep,
guys on dial up.................

it S**** a big times for us,
don't u think so pradeep, can't even image to download suck a thing ...,
any way just don't mind this i m too a tux fan so,

but all i want to say that think in real manner, it would be suck a pain if one OS takes 3 days to install.......


Cyborg Agent
Obviously its not for dial up users. Before data one(feb 2005) i too was using debian at home where i had the BSNL dial up connection. So ,dont install gentoo cool.


Right off the assembly line
I want free source code of any flavour of linux so please send me links to doenload it or send it to me via email!


BSD init pwns System V
SuSE rocks man. I've tried number of distros like Fedora Core, Mandriva, Ubuntu, CentOS, Gentoo etc etc.
In terms of geekology Fedora roxs, coz you've to do everything manully like mountig partitions etc.
But SuSE shines ahead due to the famous YaST , the awsome tool for configuring your pc. It is even better than Control Panel of Windows and System Preferences of Mac.

Try enabling XGL on it and you'll see its beauty. The eye candy is ages ahead than Mac and Windows.

Ubuntu is also good.

Mandriva's biggest advantage, its multimedia support.
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