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Which is the best language to write software for xp/vista

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Right off the assembly line
I beg u to reply me only if u are 100% sure and thorough in the
programming languages and how is the interface,installer of the
software developed,where to find them

I beg at ur feet to explain detailedly

harikrishna - tirupati


Vaguest question ever. :p

I vote for Lolcode.

But seriously, there is no best language for anything. There are a lot of factors involved. You need to give more details like what the software is meant to do, which languages you know, whether performance is extremely critical, how much time is available to develop and maintain the software, etc.
I am not expert but I can tell you some languages which are used for simple executable programs.

1. Visual Basic - you need Visual Studio installed to write programs in Visual Basic
2. Java
3. .Net
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