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Which is better Samsung Corby B5310 or Samsung S5620 Monte


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Hi everyone, I am planning to buy a new cell phone and I have decided on these two, Samsung Corby B5310 and Samsung S5620 Monte, I am not sure which one to buy. Both have same price range and and almost the same features the differences are:

Corby 2.8" screen
Monte 3" screen

Corby 16M colors
Monte 256K colors

Corby HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
Monte HSDPA 3.6 Mbps

please suggest which is better of these two? Also which has better battery life?
Thanks in advance.


Well you have left out the fact that the MONTE has a capacitive touch screen while the corby offers the aging resistive one...

on the flip side however, the corby boasts a qwerty keypad....

if i hd to choose i would go for the monte... but if qwerty is really essential for u... for for the corby...


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adding to what napster007 said. If multitasking is your way, go with GT-B5310. Though minor multi-tasking is even possible in Monte but you can't shuffle in opened programs which you can do in B5310


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@knight17 THANKS A LOT, the article answered many of my questions, but still I have few. I am looking for something which has accurate touch screen, good visibility under sunlight, crisp display colors. According to the article since resistive touch screen is more accurate than capacitive touch screen Corby wins in this area, whereas Monte wins in visibility under sunlight because of capacitive touch screen, but anyone know how bad or good is Corby's visibility under sunlight? How accurate these two are when it comes to touch screens? And also which has better display, Corby has 16M colors whereas Monte S5620 has 256K colors which is less than Corby, so does that mean Corby has better sharp and vibrant color display than Monte S5620?Also if there is any other phone from any other brand which has better or equal features and performance to these two in the same price tag please tell me I will research those phones too.
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