Which high end mobile do you wanna own/currently own??

Which high end mobile do you wanna own/currently own??

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1. HP ipaq 510 ( small good looking , windows, damn good call history.....and yeah i didn't see anyone using this fone :D )
2. Apple iphone

ho yeah i own a i-mate JAQ too..

waiting for the X1 ;)
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Nokia N82 has won in the end with the highest no. of votes, 18 to be precise, iphone is on 2nd with 10 votes and K850 on the 3rd spot with 8 votes....

So, N82 is clearly the choice of all forum members and wins here..It is the most popular phone according to the poll results.... :D :D

Sorry, the poll closed on 14th but could not post on this thread as I was out of station...


iPhone! Best phone ever!

That is an overstatement. Not to mention totally biased. No phone is ...as u said "THE BEST EVER".....and no offence dude but....... iphone dosen't even come close. Its for ppl who want to throw money for style. (i mean what kind of phone which costs abt 25k dose'nt support file transfer via bluetooth!!:D)


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N82 performs well with a 8GB card.no slow downs.

Bro i insisted one of my friend to take n82 after all reviews.. he called me back.. He was not happy with it.. he says its slower than his old n73.. also not happy that the close shoot is bad! I dint used both of the above mobile so was confused!

Also have you filled up the total memory of 8gb and checked!

Anyways i checked with n95 8gb it slows a bit after 3-4 days...
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