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Which gaming laptop to buy?

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Hi. Which is the best gaming laptop within Rs.50-60,000. Also Dell is advertising its XPS everywhere. However it is offering the exact same configuraion (including screen 15.4" and graphics Geforce 8600) in its inspiron for about 10,000 less. Then why should anyone go for XPS?


inspiron has gddr2 memory on the 8600gt. the xps has gddr3 memory on the card. so it offers rpughly 30%more performance. and it is a premium brand...


30% performance gain is unlilkely. @ gowtham, do you have a source for that?
I know yo probably know this already, but if you can, get a desktop. Laptops aren't meant for gaming, what with the trackpad, buttons, and screen being way below eye level.
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