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Which DVD Writer to buy?? Non-SATA

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Hey pals..

Long time and am back on the Digit forums. Well, am upgrading my PC and want to buy a brand new DVD Writer. My PC is a bit old and hence, don't need a SATA one.

I had taken a Samsung DVD Writer (Build Sept 2008) but it couldn't read the AVI files on brand new Sony DVDs I burnt on an ASUS drive. Moreover, I tried burning CDs n DVDs on it and it committed a large no. of errors in burning them with several sectors unreadable. So, plz help me figure out the right one. A few years back, DIGIT Reviews recommended Lite-On drives. Whats the scenario now?? Any particular model you can zero in on??




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Lite-on and Sony are also good.. :)

I hv been using Sony DVD writer since 2 yrs w'out the slightest of glitches and i hv burnd many branded (Moser baer') as well as cheap (national DVDs) :D too and continue to do the same..

Cheers n e-peace...


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In order of preference:

1) Lite On (Isn't it MoserBaer now?)
2) Sony
3) Samsung

Mine is Samsung. I am pretty satisfied.
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