Where can I get Nokia headset HS-44/AD-44???

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I have Nokia 5700 but unfortunately,my headset is not working properyly.I want to buy this headset alone (HS-44/AD-44).

I've searched in many sites including eBay.in but I'm unable to find.

Is it available in India? Someone kindly help me...PLZ...
Even I am facing the same issue. I can listen to songs...But Controls on Headset will simply not work, I can hear the person on other side of the call..but he cant hear me..I searched online and came to know it is due to the poor battery which lies inside the Remote Control.
Now how to open the headset as I cant find any screws ..

Okay, I have finally figured it out..How to open the headset.
First u need a CR 2032 Battery and a small needle..I will try it out on Saturday or Sunday and Post the Screeshots..
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