When are we getting the 2mbps minimum speed?


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So a couple of months ago,there was news about the National Telecom Policy 2012 being approved.

And it promised minimum 2 mbps speed for us,right?

But it hasn't been implemented yet.

So,I'm guessing in true Indian govt fashion,we'll get what the NTP 2012 promises in 2015?:p

LoL,anybody know anything about it?


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3. Provide affordable and reliable broadband-on-demand by the year 2015 and to achieve 175 million broadband connections by the year 2017 and 600 million by the year 2020 at minimum 2 Mbps download speed and making available higher speeds of at least 100 Mbps on demand.
1.5. To revise the existing broadband download speed of 256 Kbps to 512 Kbps and subsequently to 2 Mbps by 2015 and higher speeds of at least 100 Mbps thereafter.

Source :p


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By 2015 it looks more or less about say 512 kbps. Ofcourse Capped speeds would be around 8 mbps @Rs 50 Per mb but then if you are talking about the minimum speed cannot see it happen more than 512Kbps by 2015.


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But we already have 512 kbps minimum on Bsnl connections. :)
BSNL hikes minimum broadband download speed to 512 Kbps

And even though it says 2015 in the report,i thought it was revised to 2013 or something?
Post Fair usage Speed is what they were referring to as minimum Speeds, BSNL still has 256kbps thing in their Post fup plan.
According to NTP, 2mbps by 2015 and 100mbps by 2020.

In India, Every thing happens just on Paper. Not practically.. So Keep Dreaming :p


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but there is 2mbps broadband of bsnl for just Rs.250/m ....and who said they will give it unlimited :D

BSNL is even giving 100mbps like but did they say it would be affordable to common man ;)

There is always a clause , which will save govt.


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Is that new 750 UL conn. still going with 512 KBps UL. Or did they impose a FUP or something ?


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When are we getting the 512 KBps minimum speed? :(

Not KBps its Kbps.
512KBps equals 4Mbit/s or 4mbps.

Is that new 750 UL conn. still going with 512 KBps UL. Or did they impose a FUP or something ?

No its still 512Kbps unlimited otherwise BSNL would have been Ripped off PAN india. :p
The plan now offers 1mbps with 6Gb as a bonus :D

The Same plan has been upgraded to 2mbps till 15gb and 512kbps UL for Hyderabad customers : Bsnl Launches High Speed VDSL Broadband plans for Hyderabad | Telecomadda
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