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Whattz ur plan?

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Mine is thiz:

  1. Pass B.Tech wid atleast 60% marks :evil:
  2. Give all exams wid preparation that I can give, GATE(already applied),CAT,GMAT,Civil Services, all for my parent's wish :-|
  3. Finally get together the dough and head U.S or Canada for Game Dev. study and job :p
  4. IF by my shear bad luck I can't get the step 3 working then a Networking job for me, count few more exams again. Won't be difficult though ;)


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If gaming is needed...

shefield hallam university in UK is offering 2 programs in Game devolopment.
Their program is designed after consulting SCE and codemasters UK. so its a very good pgm.
dude.. it can't be dat bad?? is it?

All those who think that working in a Gaming company is all fun in the sun ... pls read this blog

It was written by a wife of an EA [Electronics Art] Programmer

But it applies to all like animators , programmers etc who are in non management position

Warning: You may go from "Wow i wanna work in a gaming company" to "Man! i would rather be unemployed"

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