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Whats The Current Price Of Ps2?

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Hi guys i have heard that sony has slashed its rate for ps2.What is the current price in mumbai?I have heard that it sales for 8k in Heera panna.Is it original?


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Rs PS2

If dats tru den i hope its prices here in shillong wil fall too cuz now here it cost arnd 11500


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These are the Palika baazar rates:

PS2 Older Model for 7500/-

PS2 Slim for 8000/-

The prices include modding charges.

Proces are supposed to drop a couple of notches due to Sony slashing the console price.


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harish_21_10 said:
Can anyone tell me what is the difference between these two models of the PS2?
one diff i know is that ps2 slim has probs in backward compatibility ie playing ps1 games on it.


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The size are different, with the Slim model being slimmer (obvious!). Also the Slim model has it's Netwrok Adapter in the form of an external one, which contributes to it having a smaller size.

As tarey said, Slim has some issues with backward compatibility as well as DVD playback, but I think they have been addressed.


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The Slim Modded PS2 is around 8k in Mumbai.The bulky/Old model will be a tough find as the market has been completely absorbed by the Newer model after its release.Better opt for the Slim model.Like Cody said its slimer and Has built in Network support.Not to mention the Slim model has Digital out with which you can attah & enable 5.1 suuround sound speakers,A feature which is lacking in the old model.As for the PS one compatibility issues,I have a bad experience with every PS 1 disc as none of them have been compatible with the Slim model that I have received.As far as DVD playback is concerned,It has flawlessly played all DVD's,Except for one of My DVD which refused to play stating the TV System was incompatible.The slim model can playback almost all of your backed up games.
The main drawback of the Slim PS2 IMO is that it has top Disc loading system which is very fragile as the lens area is hopelessly near to the DVD.Hence you have to bear extreme caution so as not to apply too much force while poping the Disc in lest the lens might get jerked.
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I dont think PS2older model is Officially available atleast here its not available in the grey market either...

PS2 slim is available for 7.8K


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I had few questions or should i say some queries about these models-
1.If we play a PS ONE game on a PS2 then will there be difference of any sort in the graphics?
2.Excluding the problem of PS ONE games not running on the PS2 SLIM model are there any other demirts of the SLIM model?
3.Which one is a better option when buying for long term use?


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1.)The graphical enhancements can surely be noctied as the PS2 has internal settings which can smoothen and increase the depth of the textures of the PSone games.Also the Frame rates would be boosted.

2.)The slim model has no real disadvantages as such.

3.)Personally the Slim one would be a great choice considering its Good Modded facility to play backed up games and the light weight form factor.


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Now can someone tell about from where in Mumbai i can get the PS2 for the cheapest price.A friend of mine has gone to Mumbai so i was planning to get it through him.
Has anyone got any contact no of some shop over there?

Also i wanted its price in Chennai and Banglore,because i will be visiting these places pretty soon.So if someone could tell the prices beforehand it would be usefull.


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Sony offical india price: Slim ver: 12500 give or take a few hundreds
Grey market price slim: 9500
old: 8200


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lol lol sony has slashed the price of PS 2 to 129$ (ie .approx.not more than RS.6000) from an earlier price of 149$ ..

so even in india u get it pretty cheap .....around 6.5k ....ya modding may add up RS.1000 extra..


it shd b ard 7.5k with mods.....earlier it was ard 8.5.........but now cost is ard 1k down international market......

wait for 17th november it will cost even half of that...ps3 will launch


Do any body know where can i get mod chips from in mumbai ?
Do anybody know which mod is best and also available in mumbai for ps2 slim v12 japan ?

I got ps2 slim for 7.4k from sara market near Manish market mumbai ask me i will give the shop name and address. (but no guarantee they will show u a demo)


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Guys planning im plannig to buy a console next mont....

Wht do u think which one i shld go for.....
Xbox or Ps2 i think i will maximum have budget of 10ks -11KS
can u guys tell me the features of both.....


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hye guys will ps1 and ps2 games can be played in ps3 .
well when will be ps3 available in india .
ps2 will certainly be in 5 or 6 k when ps2 will be available
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