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What song are you addicted to at the moment?


It doesn't matter!
K.. Here goes..

Deepest Blue - Give it away.
Dirty Vegas - Ghosts.
All Saints - Pure shores.
Crowded House - Four seasons in one day.
Infected Mushroom - Deeply disturbed.
Mercy Drive - Memory.
Seether - Fake it.
LL Cool J - Phenomena.
Paul Van Dyk - Other side.
Flo-Rida ft. T-Pain - Low.
Chemical Bro's - Block rockin beats.
Tats enuf i guess.


BSD init pwns System V
You Don't know - Eminem, 50 Cent etc
Come as you are (live) - Nirvana
Tum Se Hi - Mohit Chauhan (from our own state)
Halo Mjolnir Remix - Marty O'Donell & Michael Salvatori
Sector Sweep - Kelly Bailey (HL2-EP2 Music)
Numb Encore - Jay-Z feat. Linkin park
A Honey Singh Song (Very Explicit Lyrics, can't even type the title of the song here)
Master Exploder - Tenacious D
Boulevard of Broken - GreenDay
Bad Day - Daniel Powter & Alvin & the Chipmunks
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