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What song are you addicted to at the moment?


Destroy Erase Improve
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I've been thinking of getting into JJBA, where should I start from? There are so many seasons and everyone says to watch a different season.

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Liked Pink Floyd Albums ..... @Desmond I really liked the concept of - tracks from same album are continued from the previous one .

Any similar Artists you think i'd like?


The Slowest One
^I think Linkin Park has some album like this. And also the Weeknd song I Feel It Coming which ends with Starboy initial music.


^everyone in bengal seems to be making a pretty big deal out of this song even though its strictly average (a conservative assessment-actual would be far worse).


Feel Pain.
TBH, We are getting to see this every year. First Renu Mondal, then baba ka dhaba and now this guy. A guy rises from floor to top, which is good, but gets egoistic and is not able to make proper use of fame. He gets only short span attention and then disappears.

That baba ka dhaba had to return to thela, due stress became a drunkard and was even admitted to hospital once.

Bhuban badyakar, had a road accident. Now he is recording his second song. Let's hope he does not suffer like the other two.

Ego kills basically.
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