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What is your profession......


Broken In
I'm a Student, Final Year Mechanical Engineering from You You Coffee.

I have always had some form of income for my pocket money:

1.) Computer Assembler & Cyber-cafe looking after-er during vacation of class 10 & 12

2.) AutoCAD drawing for some SME & Solid/Surface Modelling & Assembly assignments for other students [not completely legal ;) ]


Aspiring Novelist
WOW...............you have that much experience. Gosh.

I have 10 years, data analytics.


Cyborg Agent
experiences are both good and bad though.

I have to give leaflets to publics standing in all the metro stations,door to door, in book fairs, in schools after doing my GNIIT for three years from NIIT. It starts from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. for only 500/- per month in the the year 1995. While doing this one day two persons were talking regarding a problem of computer and i solved that immediately. Then the brighter part of my career started. That was a local company. Started with 1.5k. after six months the company dies and i am on street again. in this way i have to change several companies and the count i remember is 25 with at least 100 interviews.
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