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What is it the RAM or Motherboard?

Ok I have two RAM sticks of RIPJAWS G-Skill 4gbX2. 1600 Mhz.

I have been having problems with my system since some time, the display just wouldn't show up even after i put my PC on,
Also the average Bootup time for my PC was around 1-1.5 minutes.

Ok so what happened today was while starting COD Advanced Warfare a pop up showed showing that i dont have the minimum RAM requirements (Which is 8Gb) but i already had the same, when i checked the properties it showed me ram available 8GB but usable was only 3.9GB only.

So i decided to open up my cabinet to and remove each stick and start the computer, the computer starts properly now with both sticks i.e trying both sticks singularly.

But to my shock the computer is booting up in just 18-25 secs now when its having a memory of just 4gb(what could be the reason for this??) when i had 8GB of ram it took around 1-1.5 minutes to boot up.

Is this a problem of the RAM or the motherboard, and how can i figure which stick is faulty if its the RAM.

The motherboard is Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0.

Also could the difference be due do the dual channel and single channel??

I have 4 slots on my motherboard and the RAM sticks were inserted alternatively on the same color slots(blue ones, there's blue and black)


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Hi [MENTION=168976]saurabh_bansal90[/MENTION],

I agree with anirbandd. It might be a MOBO issue. In the meantime, I'd suggest you to try the same MOBO on a different computer and put under observation for at least 8 hours. If the problem still occurs in different PC, then its a MOBO issue, otherwise it's a RAM issue.


Running RAM in dual channel mode does put a little load on the CPU which can increase the boot time(but not so much).

You can use Memtest 86 for checking your RAM but the problem seems to be with the motherboard.


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Welcome to the no display club of this mobo :D. Get it checked at the Asus service centre.

I had the same motherboard, troubling me for more than 3 months. thought it was the ram, cables, monitor, graphics card etc. - checked everything, but never suspected the mobo. Sometimes it would work fine, sometimes the display just wouldn't show up.

Finally took it to a Pc repair guy who diagnosed it to be a Mobo problem. He put a chip in a slot which takes readings from the board and identified that few slots including the Pcie slot for the graphics card weren't receiving signal.

Then I took it to Asus service centre, got it repaired for free. It was in warranty.

Problem was - the connection of some of the chips with the board had broken.

Reason told by the Asus guy - the chipsets have a very thin connection with the board. So You gotta hold the motherboard properly, it shouldn't bend too much. Especially if it has a big, heavy processor cooler installed. Install rams, graphics cards, etc with care, without pushing too hard. A smaller sized board doesn't bend easily, but this board has has a lot of stuff on it and isn't small either. If it bends, the connections will break.

In my case it might have happened when I installed the graphics card or maybe when I installed the processor cooler I wasn't careful enough.
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