Weird Problem of Computer not starting!!!!


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For a few days, I am having this weird problem.Whenever I am pressing the poweron button on my cabinet to start my computer,light starts up and then within two secs dies down.Again it comes to life, but my monitor does not start.I then directly switch off the UPS and wait, but to no avail.I even tried removing the socket from the power supply and switching it off and then starting again.But it shows the same problem as mentioned above.SWometimes even after I switch off the UPS,the light still remains on on the cabinet.I think some residual current remains inside.I try multiple times and if luck permits the computer starts.

When the computer starts both green and yellow lights on my Cabinet remain on and while the above thing happens,only the green light remains on.

What is really happening?


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gohan89, judging your issue at a short hand, it seems the power supply unit is acting up. But kindly tell us the hardware configuration of your system.

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Edit your first post with your system configuration and your power supply if you want real help.

In the meanwhile, try disconnecting all the sata drives and see if it boots.


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Most probably your power supply connectors have become loose. Try unplugging them, cleaning the dust(if any) and then re-plugging them.
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