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website for latest cellphone prices

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mohit sharma

hello guys ,
at this forum quite before i had seen a link of website showing latest cellphone prices in India , if anyone of you knows about that website , please send me the link as i am unable to search that on digit forum , thanks

good sites for prices of mobiles in India... u can get mobiles at shop at website lowest prices...with some deduction... if u want exact price, deduct Rs. 400-500 from lowest price of site...


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Frnz there was a delhi based website which showed the prices of computers...
it was also discussed a long time back...
due to reinstallation i hav lost all the bookmarks...
can anyone plz tell me that..


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@janitha..... Heard first time about this site, nokia's price update is almost correct, but other brands price is not updated correctly.... Btw thanks for the link...... :)
Handset price from www.indiagsm.com is also good....
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i dont know why u dont try these..
u must've bought a phone frm a guys right .. call him and ask him the price directly.. thats what i do
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