[For Sale] WD TV Live!

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Friends ,

Putting up my WD TV Live for sale.

1. Purchased : around 1.5 years back, when I was in US for 125 USD.

2. I do not have any bill and warranty also has expired since its past 1 year, anyhow it was purchased in US.

3. Condition excellent with no wear or tear, just rugged surface of common use. Working condition perfect, cent %

4. Since its US model all apps like Netflix, VUDU, HULU, already there installed and working perfectly . (if you know how to make them work in INdia)

5. Remote and adapter is there

6. Asking price 4500, which includes shipping, i.e I will pay the shipping cost.




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reason for sale?I will buy it for 3500 rs,sorry this is my budget.

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never mind.
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