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Watchmen: The End is Nigh Official Demo

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For those who haven't heard about this game OR the movie which has just released, it's based on DC Comic's Watchmen comic book. Now personally, I don't know much about this comic book myself, as I was completely clueless about it's existence. Anyway the game is a beat-em-up which is set to be released in an Episodic format (think: Half Life episodes). The first part released on March 4th.

I just got the demo (merely 518MB of download) & completed it within 10-15 mins. Yeah it's very short, but enough to give you a small gist of the game. You'll have 2 superhero's to choose from Viz. Rorschach & Night Owl. Each have their own set of abilities to handle enemies. For some odd reason, my rig was struggling badly at 22-28fps with everything on high for this game. But I guess it's just my processor bottlenecking it. The demo looks pretty good. The character models are well designed & there are hosts of combos to be unlocked. Natively supports the XBox 360 controller as well. This game will be much more fun in co-op mode. Demo only featured a small amount of abilities. You need to grab a couple of coins which you get throughout the level to unlock new move sets. Those will be available from the select menu.

The demo just has to fighting in a prison block area which has been overthrown by the prisoners. It involves melee combat only. So no superhero powers will be unleashed. You can kick & punch, perform different set of combos, counter attack, grab & fling them over. The only weapon you would be able to steal from a prisoner is the night stick. But performing finishing combos with it is a treat to watch.

Looking forward to the full version, which they say is only 3 hours long. For an episodic game, that's still very less. Check out the demo & you'll have a better feel of the game.

Here's the link: http://www.bigdownload.com/games/watchmen-the-end-is-nigh/pc/watchmen-the-end-is-nigh-demo/

Also a few screenshots from the game:



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The screenies look pretty damn good. They have put a lot of efforts on the environment & surroundings (the world).
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