Warning: My Gmail is Hacked!!

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What would you do if a criminal stole something very personal, and very valuable from you?
What if they were able to target your business and criple your income?
You wouldn’t be too happy now, would you?
What if you also discovered that this was happening because of a Google security infection that can affect every GMail user on the planet?
That’s what has just happened to me, and here I’m going to tell you my story. I will detail everything I know about the web pirates who are threatening my livelihood, and tell you what you need to know in order to avoid the same thing happening to you.

On November 20th 2007 I left the UK to spend a month’s holiday in India. I’d been planning this break for over a year, and was looking forward to taking my girlfriend away on our first foreign trip together. Prior to leaving, I published a blog post to let my readers know I’d be away for a while, and that my blog would be a quiet place in my absence.
All my clients were informed, bills paid, loose ends tied up, and off I went on a new adventure.
I arrived in Mumbai on November 21st, and on the journey from the airport to the Colaba district, was punched in the face by an Indian youth, but that’s another story.

During the month ahead, I knew I’d be irregularly checking my emails, but only to let my loved ones know everything was fine. This holiday was to be a break from work, and a break from computers.
Indeed everything was fine for a few weeks, until December 15th (five days before I was due to return from holiday). I called into an internet café in Goa, and read some worrying emails from good friends of mine. I was informed that my website had disappeared, and that my domain name (www.davidairey.com) was now redirecting to some random website - bebu.net.
Read the entire story

Google is not all happy and heaven as some believe. Its a very efficient and scary search engine, the more sooner people understand the better, no personal things online.


Well, the same page says that the vulnerability is now fixed..!! ANyway, checked my acc settings ... no unwanted filters there..! :)


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Damn...this is serious...I always got suspecious ever since the newer version of Gmail takes lot of time to load.


I already posted that google is not secure.We must be aware and take necessary initiatives.Internet will soon be a chaos for some.


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lol,gmail is the best thing out there you can get.I still beleive in google more than yahoo\m$,personal opinion though.

And besides yahoo works so slow for me,gmail is so smooth and easy.


Hmm, better to use the lite version and avoid getting any injections, as you can see they turn out to be quite painful ;-)
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