Want to learn to play Guitar


I've always wanted to learn to play a guitar but never had the resources or time.
Though I still don't have them I would still want to learn(and I can buy stuff without giving a sane and reasonable answer to anyone, my money my business).
My biggest question is Acoustic or Electric? I got mixed answers from my friends who play guitar. Some say learn acoustic as its the building block and so on and others said that what an acoustic can do, an electric can too and its much more easier to learn on an electric. Mainly because the strings are not as hard and tight.

I'm a guitar noob, I have no idea on what to look for and basically have no prior knowledge of the ABC's of guitar(I did try to learn a little off my roommates guitar but could not practice much as he hogged on it all the time and I didn't have the money to buy a guitar and even if I did I had nothing to provide a decent explanation on why the sudden urge to buy a guitar. Baring the fact that no one plays any musical instrument in my entire family). Though I may join classes to learn I also found a game called rocksmith which is supposed to teach you how to play

A game teach you to play? that really sounded like a joke until I watched a youtube video of how it goes about doing the same. Now I feel that this might be the most convenient way for me to practice and learn.

Lets come down to my questions now.
What brand and type of guitar should I go for?

What are the key things that I should look into before buying?

Do I need any accessories? Tuner?

what are the good brands for beginners?


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What brand and type of guitar should I go for?
depends on your budget.
some good brands: Ibanez,Yamaha,Fender,Gibson,Pluto & many others

What are the key things that I should look into before buying?
-the guitar wood (if its suitable for current weather)
-quality of strings
-fretboard condition
-and the sound quality

Do I need any accessories? Tuner?
-Guitar Cleaner
-Capo (One time investment but its 1000times worth) [If possible buy a sliding capo]
-Guitar picks
-Guitar Stand (optional..but its better than the douche bag which comes with the Guitar)
-Tuner (its very important..but if u have android/iOS smartphone then no need for this one as the tuner apps are perfect)

what are the good brands for beginners?
there is no such thing a brands for beginners or pro
so u can choose any good brand


attach a guitar on it...to learn :yaaawwn:

no I will get my friends guitar
I might get the Rocksmith game today - stocks limited.

Bought Rocksmith from failkart. will practice in a closed room with only me hearing the tunes of the guitar on a headphone :p
I don't want my neighbours to commit suicide.
Waiting for the game to arrive.
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