Want to get rid of Magic Folder

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Hi frends,yesterday accidently I have just locked Documents and settinsg & program files in the magic folder But from the next log on I am being unable to log on as a administrator and also the windows giving error that the access is denide.I am also unable to see the desktop since it recides in Documents and settings.
I have tried to uninstall but it doesn't showed footmark in control panel and I am unable to access my program files.
I have tried to recover using recovery console but It also gives error massage that access is denide.
I have tried to repair existing installation but it also doesn't worked.
Please tell me how to get rid of the Magic of the magic folder!
Please help me as soon as possible Also I do not want to format my C drive since it contains a lot!


Broken In
i was in the similar prob bro
some1 here told me how to change the permissions for a particular folder
please track my threads

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