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Want To Buy Gaming Laptop.... Budget 70k-80K..

The gamer

Broken In
Looking for a Gaming Laptop under 80k...

Specs :
- i7 Possibly 4th Gen.
- Minimum 8GB ram
- Graphic card latest so can handle all latest games in ultra high settings
- Minimum 750GB HHD
- Bluray Drive , if available , not necessary
- Full HD display


Is laptop is really necessary for you ? you can build a Beast gaming Pc which will be miles faster,last longer than gaming laptop :)

Akash Nandi

i advise u to wait for 3-4 months... maxwell should be out and it should bring a healthy 30% rise in performance along with it. However, if u cant wait... then go for the Y510p! I assure you, its a beast.
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