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[Want to Buy] Want LED / LCD 20" or more Full HD monitor & good Dual SIM phones


In the zone
I am looking for a LED / LCD 20" or more monitor in Full HD. Budget nearly Rs.4000/-

I am also looking for a external hd tv tuner.

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I have a Samsung 21.5" Full HD LCD B2230 for sale. I have bill and warranty card. It has 3 year warranty and has 1 year warranty left.

Price: 6000 + shipping.


It is impossible to get a Full HD LCD/LED for the price you specified unless its very old.. even then, you have the entire attention of TDF regarding the matter.. I dont think anyone has anything to offer you as of now, so please give it some time and stop bumping like mad..
Seriously, bazaar rules need to be revised by mods
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