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Respected Sir,
I am a subscriber of your digit magazine.
My subscription number is ******* (or may be A*****). I've entered in your family in February,2011. I am going to buy my P.C. tomorrow, so I had made my configuration according to your magazine chart. Yet now I am a bit confused about my selection of Intel Motherboard. I have two options between model no.DH55TC & DH55JPJ. Now please help me getting out of my confusion.
I am going to buy Intel core i3-540 processor & I am also willing to buy a cheap & best graphics card. Should it be Asus Ati Radeon HD5570 or Asus Ati Radeon HD5670 So I shall be highly greatful if you kindly reply me by tonight so that I may buy my P.C. tomorrow with a lot of satisfaction.
My email id is **********.
Yours Faithfully
Arnab Ghosh
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Welcome to TDF mate, its better to remove ur personal details like email and subscription number as this is a public forum. And about your system requirements wait for some inputs :)


Mods please change the thread title. He is not going to get a very very early reply if his thread title is as vague as this. :|
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