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Want a new graphics card around 15k


Broken In
1. What is the intended use for this graphic card ? Gaming or workstation work?
Ans:Gaming, all latest games.

2. Which Power Supply do you have?
Ans:Corsair 550W. Couldn't find the model number as some scratches were there in the name sticker, sorry.

3. What is your Max budget ?

4. Which Screen resolution will you game at?

5. What are your current computer specifications ?
Ans:Intel core i3 2120 @3.30Ghz, 8gb ddr3, Veriton M2610 motherboard(branded acer pc), GT 630 2gb, Windows 7 64-bit.


Ambassador of Buzz
Asus 470 is 16.5k which is out of his budget but if he can stretch his budget then its a good choice.
Otherwise Zotac 1050Ti OC for 13.5k.
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