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Wait for intel's Sandy Bridge or not?


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I'm planning to buy laptop this week. Would be buying Dell XPS 15.
My question is shall i wait for the Intel's 2011 processors or shall i buy laptop now only? Will it be worth to wait? If so, for how long approximately should i wait for these new processors to be available in market?
Thank you!


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yeah worth to wait because certainly they would be better, but their lowest lineup wont be better than current core i5s. and you will certainly would have a wait time of atleast 3 months before they are available in Dell or HP or any other brands


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got a similar prob as urs. was also going to buy an xps 15 (the 69,400 config). sandy bridge, however seems to be a good option to look out for, especially due to improved performance and embedded gfx. though hp has showcased sandy bridge based laptops at ces, no word on their own official site as of yet. never know when they'll come to india. Lenovo has also announced Lappies with sandy bridge and gt 5xxM or hd 6xxxM series gpu's. worth a look, considering lenovo's vfm with past models. No word on pricing in INR though, but will arrive in india latest by may. if you can wait till next summer, you might get good sandy bridge, or maybe even fusion based lappies. or else, the xps 15 is a very good buy even now.


Aadivasi Hungryyy!!!
Ya mostly. But if you can wait, the results might be very good for you, or maybe not so good. sandy bridge does have improvements over the previous generation, but it is less visible in some sectors. for example, sandy bridge based chips will show definite improvement in hd playback. it might even be better than a discrete gpu for movies. in games, however, the improvement will be subtle, since you will have to use your discrete gpu anyways. only improvement in gaming will be due to higher clock rates and turbo boost 2.0 . so it also boils down to how you use the lappy. for most purposes, the xps 15 is also very good. it is also quite future proof with usb 3.0 and bd rom( customizable, only in the highest config.) along with a gt 4xxM series gpu.
The choice is yours, after all. like in my case. i am a class X student and wont be able to use the full potential of a new lappie even if I buy one till my boards end. so i can wait till april, actually, which I will.
Atleast wait for some time if you can and watch how the drama unfolds, coz fusion is also just around the scene.
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Im really happy to see how a xth
class student is so enthusiastic
n updated of the new technology
great kushal
hats off

yaa its worth waiting for new sandy bridge architecture processor coz they almost out perform the existing i series processors
in many test they perform even 50% bettr dan current i series processors
i was abt to buy a laptop but now i wil hav to wait for another 2 months or so
but its worth waitin


Aadivasi Hungryyy!!!
well thx,
and as i was saying, fusion apu's by AMD are also out and are being reviewed. they are quite good, because beside having a normal cpu, they have an embedded hd 6xxx series GPU as well. so they seem to be quite good for the man on a budget. they are currently targetd at netbook users, but well soon infiltrate it mainstream as well. so look out

Besides, im Kishal, not Kushal/ its an i not at u


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If you have 1-2 months to spare, then you can go with Sandy Bridge but if you don't, Dell XPS is a very good option.
I bought it a week ago and it is performing great.


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hey but intel said me

Hi Kishor, our processors are shipping to our OEM customers now. Quad-core systems became available January 9th. Dual-core systems will be available beginning later in February. Thanks!

so i dont think u need to wait for 2 months
they are comin as soon as possible
even dell have launched these processor in their Alienware M17X
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