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VLC 2.0 Released


Cyborg Agent
I get some direct x 9 error message particularly in Mpc64 bit on opening a media but plays well.

Already dx10 present in my win7 64 bit.Any idea why i get this message?

sorry for hijacking.


Legend Never Ends
I dont know why or how but its causing loads of playback probems in my laptop. vids that worked fine before now stutter :mad:


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5-6 sec? You are lucky bro, I have checked it in 4-5 systems, all are over 10. :(

Damn, MPC is doing fine for me. Time to uninstall.


Gaming hardcore
i have no such problem on my 32bit win7... video gets loaded in about 2sec and then everything works fine....

does anybody know how to check/enable hardware acceleration on vlc....?


Legend Never Ends
After updating to latest version of VLC. everything is fine again :D

No stutter anywhere.

edit: there are still small stutters :(

Time to go to MPC!
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