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VISTA CRACKED : Vista Activation Cracked By Brute Force

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Ankur Mittal

The keygen actually works:D:D:D.
It seems that people are really desperate NOT to pay for Windows. It seems that someone who was "just testing his VBScripting skills" has posted a routine that attempts to activate a pirated copy of Windows Vista by brute force. That means that the script increments through methodically generated keys, and attempts to pass it on to Microsoft's activation servers for validation. If it fails, the generator moves on to the next one, until it finds a valid key. The author says this process can take anywhere from 2 hours to two days.
For a small tutorial to know it's working visit here-


The joy Of Wow
It seems that MS & people both waiting for a crack for vista...MS to screw hacker & people to thank hacker


In the zone
This is like any old style movie - and what the villain/heroes used to do in em.

They pay some guys to grab the actress and then they come to their rescue.
Why don't u guys think microsoft is not doing the same thing. They want these piracy to continue. So they can then make a patch or update and be the NEWS. Sounds Easy ??



Google Bot
Windows Vista Keygen a Hoax

Windows Vista Keygen a Hoax

KezNews forum member Computer User, quickly infamous for releasing his Brute Force Keygen to the world, has confessed the piece of software isn’t all it was hyped up to be. "Fact is the brute force keygen is a joke, I never intended for it to work. I have never gotten it to work, everyone should stop using it!” This is quite a shocking statement for the simple reason that many have already reported that they have found keys which activate just fine. “Everyone who said they got a key a probably lying or mistaken!” Either the author of the program has decided he does not want to get in trouble, or he is genuinely telling the truth. In short, the generator does work, but it is a very impractical crack.

Source: http://it.slashdot.org/it/07/03/03/1339209.shtml


I have a feeling this thread is going in circles. Just like dogs going after their own tail.


The Frozen Nova
There should not be any activation coz at the end pirates use the s/w without activation and genuine users have to face the trouble.


All the people who has replied this thread shud have a Look HERE

@pathiks,I didnt read ur post but its already posted by him
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I think now many people should answer this ... Brute force is a joke and does not work... Great isnt it... i personally know some persons who said that it worked... huh..
Reps to you rakesh.. :D:D good post and find..
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Ankur Mittal

Windows Vista Brute-Force Attack Alive and Kicking


The Windows Vista brute-force crack is alive and still kicking. While the original Windows Vista Brute Force KeyGen has proved to be nothing more than a hoax, with its author coming up in the open and not only apologizing for creating the crack but also revealing that it was not functional, the key generator workaround for Vista is not yet history. Not even by far.

In fact, the Windows Vista brute-force crack has survived and even got updated. However, it appears that the Vista Brute-Force Method GUI 0.1 + SourceCode has a new father that identifies himself as “stof91.”

“I strongly suggest that you use SoftMod, if you are looking to illegally activate Windows Vista.
(Which doesn't mean that I'm not against it). I stopped development, and will only continue if everyone stops complaining and if it's needed, I had a look at SoftMod.. and it seems that it's the way to go... The application will stay online, until it is removed... after that, you can pm me if you want it,” stof91 revealed.

However, he does offer not only the Windows Vista brute-force crack with a streamlined interface but also the proof-of-concept for the workaround. The brute-force attack is designed in such a manner that it will randomly search for legitimate product keys for the operating system. The actual functionality is similar to the first version released by ComputerUser. This version brings nothing new to the table in comparison to the original release, and as such it is just as much of a hoax, although the author did provide a screenshot designed to prove that the brute force attack actually works.



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Hmm, wil try to get my hands on it. Brute force can take anything between 2 hrs to 2 days, so it's not a sure shot trick


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Hey You Can Also Try The Vista One Click Activator It Was Created Many Days Ago :D Even I'm Using The Cracked Version:D
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