Vista 7 - error with SP1 installation


Broken In

For my Lenovo laptop, I tried installing SP1 and am facing a serious issue. After install and in the 3rd stage of restart, I am seeing the following

Black screen with writing "!!0xc010001d!! 28119/12683 (Registry\Machine\Components\DerivedData...)"

Tried a few times, got stuck with the same state but different id ( 28119, 8517 etc)

I tried safe mode, but it stops after

Loaded: \Windows\system32\drivers\crcdisk.sys

Now what is the quickest solution?

In the worst case I am ok with reinstall.

Please advice what all I need. I have Windows Vista provided with Lenovo laptop

I didn't realize that this is a common error with SP1 with Vista :sad:

Thanks in advance!!
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