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video and sound encoding soft....

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hey i needed some help on encoding
actually i downloaded a movie torrent and its in an xvid format (video) as you all might already know and audio is ac3(dolby)
i wanted to encode the movie onto MPEG-layer 1 so that i can be able to watch the movie on a normal vcd stereo system
actually the thing is i wished to keep the audio encoding as ac3 because i have hi-fi dolby 5.1 inch 5000W aiwa stereo which can play nice audio dolby quality
So is there any software which can encode the video into that and also keep the sound as it is?
i tried Nero and althought it did the move onto viewable video format but i think it messed up on the dolby audio part.
Thanks in advance :)


Are we there yet?
you can also use nero recode 2ce from nero.
it will allow u to encode dvds in mpeg-4 format and will make a 2 GB dvd to a single 80 min cd.
now after conversion open nero and make a vcd from the converted file
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