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Very High Quality Mobile Screen Protector !

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Hey Guys,

I know there are like many screen guard available in the market, But I have just got a 3.7 Inch screen Motorola Milestone. And I am looking out for a good quality screen protector for it.

Please suggest me a screen guard which is very thin,transparent doesnt hamper,spoil the image,picture quality on the screen. I mean it should not feel while watching any video or using the screen that there is some plastic film which has been put on it and so the real 100% viewing pleasure is not there.

I am looking out for a very thin,high quality, transparent screen guard (Ofcourse with all the other things like it should leave any bubbles,adhesive stains,marks etc...)

Any suggestions !


Broken In
Take a look at Zagg invisible shield. It also offers great protection and I have read some good reviews about it

Buy it online here
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