VCD Splitting Question - Help me out here guys

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I have a VCD in which a small part is corrupted, due to which the damn thing won't get copied to my harddisk
Is there any way I can remove the corrupted parts so I can get it copied to my harddisk?
Help me please


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Try extracting it with ISOBuster .. Select the option Extract but filter only M2F2 Mpg frames ...
You can also use Extract From - To option to skip the corrupt portion of the CD ..


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Use the VCD cutter to cut the particular portion and then merge the rest. Now i think oyu will be geeting the thing you needed. Or try try writing the Video Using Nero, I wrote many corrupted video files using nero which other softwares failed to do so.


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Extract corrupted VCD files...

Use VCD Gear 3.55


It is a good piece of work... try it... it's just install this 2.2MB software and fix all errors

And... hey, it is not a splittin software... just extracts corrupted files from CD, makes video image files, converts popular formats...

VCDGear is a tool to extract MPEG streams from CD images, do conversions of one video format to another, create VideoCD images, and more!


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Use Alcohol has some technique to Copy even scratched Cd's (atleast thats whats its site states lol)...its worth a try....

Plus Vcd Cutter is the best Option for u as its very simple Splitter As Well as Joiner... :D


VCD cutter or VCD Gear,both are good.Particularly VCD cutter reads scratched CDs well,it might work for u.


VCD Cutter


I prefer VCD cutter for this work.
But it is trial version.
You have to do ----- for full version.


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Movies extracted using VCDCutter contain some encoding problems. VCDGear is excellent. It also is FREE. But if you want to copy scratched CDs, then use Alcohol 120%. I have copied VCDs having physical damages successfully with Alcohol 120%.
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