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User Rescitication

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Hello friends i have a game centre my problem is that i want to put restication for users there should only play the games wht is on the desktop there should not edit anything or there should not onpen any drives, bcoz some boys r there who will change the desktop wallpaper, there uninstall the audio drivers, there will rename the games, many things will do so am fed up so i want to do full security so antbody can help me which software is best and free to use.



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two suggestions
use limited accounts
restrict drive access using the NoViewOnDrives & NoDrive, will prevent most of the users from renaming unless they are some hardcore users
n for uninstalling the sys drivers use user Computer management
n google how to use em


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There are no specific free solution for this, unless you setup and domain based login setup under which your user details would stay as roaming profile in Windows Server where as nodes would just validate an user account to enforce a given user policy...

Above setup would be bit complicated and costly given you are in need to purchase a server license also, where as more easy solution would be buying a cafe management software, which can run from WinXP/WinVista and be managed from a home made server :p..

Tried few, and found a good desi solution, you may give it a try..



I believe you can use DeepFreeze (paid software) to make sure the changes made by user do not stay (on next reboot, they are removed).



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Three suggestions.

Provide guest with limited account.
Use Anticopy software to prevent data theft
Use folder security to lock drives and folders.

Above software's are paid ones.

The suggestions are based on reference.Pls feel free to comment
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