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Used pc components for sale in Delhi

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Selling these used components, need money for new upgrade.

*I don't have the bill of any of the components. Anyways, the service center doesn't ask for the bill, they just check the product code in case of a warranty claim.

-Intel Dual Core E5400 (2.7 ghz) with stock heat sink fan - 2 years used. Processors have 3 year warranty so you can still claim the warranty from service station for 1 year. Nice overclocker, can hit 4 ghz on air easily.
(Expected Price: Rs. 2,000)

-ASRock G31M-S Motherboard - 2 year used, 1 year warranty from service station.
(Expected Price: Rs. 1,000)

-3 GB DDR2 800 Mhz RAM (1x1GB + 1x2GB sticks)- The 2GB stick is a Simmtronics (1 year used, 2 year warranty left) and 1 GB stick is an ADATA (2 year used).
(Expected price: Rs. 1,200)

-Western Digital Cavair SE 160 GB HDD: Bought in 2007, works perfect till date.
(Expected price: Rs. 1,300)

Total expected price: Rs. 5,500 (Cash only) :)

All components are working fine till now. I've done a lot of gaming on this rig with my HD6850. Going for an upgrade to a sandy-bridge. I want to sell these components as soon as possible.

For sale in Delhi / NCR only.


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Edit: Revised HDD price.
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Price of Western Digital Cavair SE 160 GB HDD need to be revised its way too high new one with May 2012 import available for 1700 at nehru place with warranty
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