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Rising ApocalypsE
I want to buy a used 256/512MB GDDR3 version of 8600GT. My budget is 2.2K-2.5K inc. shipping.

Please quote me ur deals & u r also welcome to show other options in the same price range.


3.7k 8800gts alpha dog edition anyone? saw one in a forum. will post links(sry:grin:). Dunno if its still available though.
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Wise Old Owl
im too much inclined...but have no idea how to raise my funds to make it to 3.7k.

also planning on an ATI HD 4350 512 ddr3 which is for some 2.3k which comes close to 8600GT DDR2.
ill need a gud PSu if goin for that G80. Also a 9600GT beats the GTS 320 and 9600GT is priced at 5k still consuming less power than the GTS 320.

still waiting for a cheap card[sub 1.5k]...meantime im trying to invest some for some better card.
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