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Use Hard disk as a Pen Drive...

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Is it possible to use the hard disk as a pen drive?That is I should be able to connect the hard disk to USB and use it the same way as a pen drive so that I don't have to open the cabinet and connect the hard disk as a slave.
If you have any idea of doing it ,plz share it with me.


yes u can get a casing with the neccesary converters n stuff

this is what external HDDs are

ask ur computer guy 2 fix a thing 2 ur HDD


Yes its possible , you have to buy these USB HDD case. The HDD fits inside the case and the case has a wire connecting it to the USB port. This is how you can make an internal drive to function as an external HDD/ pendrive.

The overall size is just as big as an external modem.

But hey one thing, dont wear it around your neck. :))



what is the cost of that? and is it worthy? i mean efficiency wise... and any specific brand recommendations?


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How much does a casing and cable stuff costs....also tell me some good company of which I should buy....
I have bought a 120 GB LST SEAGATE Internal Harddisk for 4500/- have i bought it for a right price...its a new piece and one year warranty....


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i also have use it.
It costs abt 700 to 1000 much.
but u get 40,80GB as USB.

i suggest to buy new LAPTOP HDD with USB casing.
It costs u abt 3 to 5k (40GB)...may be varying..
but laptop hdd is small. so u can keep it in ur shirt pocket also like pendrive,like a calculator.

so go for it if u can afford upto 4 to 5k.



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But i have already bought it...I don't think so Laptop HDz cost so less..they bit expensive and moreover I don't want to carry it any where the only reason why I want to convert it to external one is because I can't get it fixed inside my laptop...i bought this by mistake through bidding....so for 120Gb seagate HD i should buy 3.5" cabinet right...

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