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(Urgent!!) Need A Software Or Program For Ma' Office!!!

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Hello Geniuses My Name's Nitish, I Own A Small private auto financing office in gujrat. I am writing this post to ask your help for a program for my official work.

I want a program to record my day to day finance work files, accepting all the entries i need to store on a usb pen drive. The program should require no installation in windows, it should directly work from windows, store the saved item directly to usb pen drive and should never create whatsoever traceable history of any kind, i am telling this to you in confidence, ....... it is for my black files......, so no kinda history or log may be created anywhere in my harddisk that IT person can detect o.k., so the program should do as required.

Also i need the program to develop a receipt of any transaction in a print, and no log of print may be created , ebven it does, the program should erase any such log before it is closed automatically.

It should be also a GUI Based program , completely Menu Driven, Should make Files Of least SIZE , User Friendly, Should be Able to Store And Control Images Scanned Through A Scanner, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IT SHOULD NOT MAKE ANY LOG OR HISTORY.

Following fields are required for the program to handle:

Name of party, file no, date, Vehicle No:, Scanned Passport Size Photograph Of The Party, Address Of ThE Party, Phone No:, Name Of Two Reference, Alternative Address, Vehicle Model No:, Insurance No:, .

Next Page Should Be Able To Handle The Transaction Record iN A Tabular form With The Following Fields:

Sr. No:, Actual Rent Date, Current Date, Amount, Fine , Total, Receipt No: .

The Program Shoul Automatically Generate A Receipt No: And After Entering Records Should Ask For A Print Out Of This Record,

The Print Should Include Following Fields :

All The Bove Mentioned Fields In Poper Super Store Bill Form , Along With The Name Of The Party and Vehicle No:.

The Search In The Porgram Should Be on The Basis Of Vehicle No: Or Party Name, It Should Also Display Results If Any File Consists Of A Part Of The Vehicle No: Or Name.

I will also Soon be Posting A Sample Image Of The File I Use In My Office To Help You More.

Thanx And Waiting For your Reply.
Reply soon, bye.


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Hey thanx man for the rep, but is this software available on the trial version. and also does it include all the above features i mentioned or can i use the software and customize a program to work it like i propose. Allso i think your sopftware is not gonna work from a usb pen drive directly and is gonna require a windows installation....well that is the most imp thing it should not require any windows installation and create any kinda history or log. still i think i will try it out and will reply you back of how much it was useful to me, till then keep sending any kinda solution to it. Thanx again and bye.


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but is this software available on the trial version.

Microsoft Accounting Express(Free) will be just fine for you .

Well looks like you are demanding for a software to be built. You want all the features but you dont want the app to keep settings and logs what so ever.... no installation. These features are not imposible but I dont think there is any software has all these features and condition you have given. And if im not mistaken you need that software to be free!

My advice.. Build the software yourself else give a developer your requirements/specs/features and ask him to build one for you. :p
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