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Urgent help wanted regarding geforce and intel 845

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i am purchasing a new computer ........ n wuld like to get some issues cleared ......

i heard someone say that geforce 4 does not support direct x 9 ....... is it true???? or even if it doesn't support at the moment will there be any updates which will support it .

my computer dealer is telling me that original intel 845 chipset doest have an agp slot ...... and he has forced me to go for a intel 845 chipset from mercury ...... plz help its urgent


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ya its true that geforce 4 series of cards don't support directX 9 ........no it will not support in future as well coz Geforce 4 lacks Pixel shader pipeline in its "hardware " which is the prime requirement of Direct X 9 subsystem ......and there are other cards in market that support direct X 9 ....Geforece FX and Geforce 6xxx series from nVidia and 9xxx and Xx00/ series from ATI that support direct x 9

and about 845 Chipset there are varients for 845 chipset

845G--> AGP4x
845GV --> no slot (intel extreme onboard)
845 PE --> AGP 4x
845GE --> AGP 4x
845 GV --> no slot ( intel extreme onboard)
845 E --> AGP 4x
845 GL --> no slot (intel extreme onboard )

remember we are talking about chipset here and it may not entirely true for a motherboard ....

if u want a motherborad having both onboard graphics support and an agp slot u can go for some solution from intel like D845GBEV2 or D845GERG2 or D845GBV ......if u want to go for intel ........though i m not sure if those models are still available .......

but if u r looking for performance don't buy mercury motherboard ...they will be cheap ....but .....


i have an D845GBEV2 which has an 4x agp slot so bette go fo the
865 solution and as 4 gaphics gforce fx is next affordable directx
complaint card


Excuse me.,
who said Geforce4 lacks Pixel and Vertex shaders...
Truth is Geforce4MX series Lacks Hardware Pixel and Vertex Shaders

Geforce4 Ti series has Pixel Shader 1.3 and Vertex Shader 1.3 (DirectX 8 Complaint...)

GeForce FX series has PS and VS 2.0 (DX 9)

GeForce 6xxx has PS and VS 3.0 (DX 9.0b or c )


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allajunaki i m caught offhanded .....i did a mistake of not writing Pixel Shader Version 2.0 (i should have written version ).actually it lacks the hardware support/pipelines for PS v 2.0 but rest of it is true as doesnot support direct X 9(since Direct X9 means PS v 2.0 ) ...

though i have mentioned about all graphics cards that support Pixel shader version 2.0 + (or direct X 9.0 or above ) in one of the threads

here :-


and there also u have told me that u have geforce 4 Ti.....and about its pixel shader

its a bit off the topic but .......just for the info

Actually introduction of Pixel and Vertex shader 2.0 in direct X 9.0 was one of the big leap for gaming industry as it made easier to have higher details per pixel,and with much better floating point precision it was possible to have reduced computational load, now u can see the Potential DX9 in new games like FARCRY and will see more of DX 9 in half life 2

anyways thax a lot for correcting me :)


dont go for 845 they r outdated. go for 865, it has agp 8x. get a radeon 9600 pro for 7200/-

i dont know what supporting dx 9 means but one thing i can tell is that u can play all games with geforce 4 or any gfx card (provided u have a good cpu plus ram)but at lowest detail. i dont have a gfx card , currently surviving on onboard ( intel extreme graphics 2) but i'm able to play doom 3 with minimalistic detail on 640*480 and on barely playable frame rates. so u see u can well survive on 865 chipset even without gfx card.

most of the vendors will insist on 845 coz they hav better margins on that while u can get 865 on similar rates. also check for ram prices, they manupulate a lot. when i was purchasing my new system , i contacted many assemblers but when i insisted on the proper config they all backed out. i got one from zenith. 2.8ht. 256 mb ram. but u go for 512 mb
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